Love is vulnerable




Everywhere I turn love/ relationships seems to be the topic of conversation. You can’t run away from it .. It’s all over my TL, wedding posts all over instagram, Engagement announcements on Facebook. It’s EVERYWHERE !! So much so , I didn’t even realise that I had started to become ‘ relationship hungry’ … The irony of it all is that , yes I do want to be in a relationship eventually .. but I know the time isn’t just right. I am a hopeless romantic , a mini Drake .. a certified Simp .. yet I am also afraid .. so afraid of what relationships bring , what they do to you , the vulnerability that comes with it . Anyhoo i stumbled on this great write up ‘Love is vulnerability’ and wanted to share with you all … Hopefully when i figure out all the thoughts in my head , i will do my own write up on this whole love thing … Till then read this great summary and check out his blog

The Deranged Mosquito

I read something on TheNakedConvos yesterday; ‘relationship fundamentals’ they called it, and somewhere in the post the author or maybe a commenter said “Dare to be vulnerable”.
As simple as that statement is, I think it is the reason why most relationships never leave the ground, everyone wants to be the stronger person, nobody wants to be the weak one. But for you to love a person, you have to give the entirety of your being to that person, you give your time knowing it will never be recovered, you give your substance knowing you may never get it back, you give your affections knowing they may never be requited; you put yourself in such a position of vulnerability that your very happiness depended on that person, in fact your sanity depended on that person, knowing this I see no reason why you people are in a hurry to get…

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