New beginnings …

” It doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to start”

I am back and hopefully for good this time!!

For over a year i have wanted to start blogging again but i had absolutely no idea how. I had the perfect blog layout in my head, but didn’t have the funds to make the dream come to life.I told myself i didn’t want to blog again until, everything was just right. I also was scared, how would my blog be any different to the thousands of blogs out there.

I spent the majority of my 2016/ 2017 unemployed and heartbroken. I sunk into a depressive state and i was scared i was never going to make it out.I lacked motivation to do anything. I gave up on all my dreams and believed i couldn’t achieve anything. I became close to someone that asked me what i wanted in life, she was a ray of light in a dark tunnel. She gave me tasks for me to do to get my blog up and running and at one point was going to pay a web designer to help me. Sometimes all we need is just one person to believe that we can do it!

Fast forward to a few months ago, i was helping a friend with a project when we got in to a disagreement and they reminded me it was their project. I mean they were right, i was hurt but i couldn’t be upset. That moment it really hit me that i had nothing to call my own, i have spent hours and hours investing in other peoples dreams but too scared to follow my own. That’s when i came across the quote it doesn’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. Sometimes we refuse to start something because we are waiting for everything to just be perfect, the downside is that it may never be perfect. Sometimes we have to just start and everything else will fall in to place

I have kicked myself for not consistently blogging and the thought of where i could be right now. I may be late to the party, but i trust i will get there eventually.

So here is to a new Naija To LA.. music, concerts, naija entertainment and life. I will blog about it all and hope you enjoy this journey with me.

Peace and love,




3 thoughts on “New beginnings …

Add yours

    I’m excited for your blog and you’re an amazing, intelligent and brilliant young lady so I know this blog is all shades of lit!!!!!!

  2. Yes! I’m here for this and everything you have to offer. I totally understand how you feel. I at many times have thought to myself that I have nothing to call my own. This year I want to change that and make a positive impact. I already know it won’t be easy, but I’ll start somewhere.
    I pray you attain everything you want in 2018 and more!

    Lots of love

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