New series : Adewus4real – ‘Smokescreen’


As part of my blog revamp in the next few weeks , I am planning on starting a spotlight section on talented Nigerians. In the meantime, I want to quickly get you hip with one of my favourite authors before his full spotlight feature…

It’s rare you can find a story that not only captivates you with words , but also with music and pictures. Adewus4real manages to seamlessly weaves words, pictures and sounds to deliver great stories and poems week by week.

You can check out an excerpt from his latest series ‘Smokescreen’ below :


When I boarded the flight out of Sudan, I knew very little about what the future held.

The only thing I knew with a fair bit of certainty was that my journey was going to be about 35 hours in total to get into Arizona.

Long, I know but that long flight meant the hope of a new life.

It meant safety.

I took my seat, 21B, I still remember clearly and I scanned my surroundings.

My eyes met that of one of the other passengers. He flashed a smile at me and I forced on back.

I bent down and stowed my handbag under the seat in front of me.

Another scan of the other passengers as my head rose, I leaned back and began to whisper a prayer.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed a man standing in the aisle and he smiled as he pointed to the empty seats to my left.

“Oh, I’m sorry”

I said as I got out of my seat so he could get into his seat.

He was a white man.

He sat in the window seat and I remember praying he was the last one coming in because I didn’t want to get up again.

I rubbed my hands together and then ran them over my thighs. The man next to me smiled and said

“First time flying?”

I smiled and shyly nodded.

He smiled even bigger and said


“Don’t worry. Since you’re hooked and you want to know the rest of the story go to right now and get started on this gripping series!

You can also follow The Wordmsith @adewus4real


It promises to be a lot of fun and suspense.

Are you up for it?

Please make sure you read and comment on his stories and let him know Ninz sent ya 😉 .


Thank me later ,


p.s – don’t blame me for the hypertension his cliffhangers will give you



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