Motivation Monday: You Are Enough! / Ire

Today’s Motivation Monday is a little late. I couldn’t write this earlier as sometimes as a writer you there are times your emotions will find a way of bleeding in to your work. Every time I started to type I found myself writing endless subs and being a “negative Nancy” and I have promised myself to not be that person.

I truly believe there is a blessing in every lesson and I have promised to use my pain to encourage and bless people instead.

So today I am here to remind you that “YOU ARE ENOUGH”. If you have ever been doubted, if you have ever been rejected, if you have ever had anyone dishonour your name, if anyone has made you feel less than, anyone has made you feel unworthy, anyone has doubted your dreams, anyone has made you doubt your confidence. I am here to let you know that they lied.

YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your journey may be taking a little longer than others, but if you didn’t know before, you will know now these trails are just a pit stop. This is not your final destination.

In the fight for your destiny your persistence must be greater than your resistance.

God does not lie and his promises never fail. Everything he has promised in your life shall come to pass. You just have to believe and keep fighting. Weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Your joy is coming. Your restoration is coming.

In the theme of the blog I leave you with a song. Adekunle Gold ~ Ire. A friend sent this to me when it was released and said it made her think of me. Life has dealt me many blows, sometimes I even forget as I’m literally used to it. But you see I can everything I want and I will. And so can you! Hear your Goodness, Believe your Goodness and follow it!

If I had known, the life i was searching for was already my own

You will have a great week.

Love & light




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