Naija To LA’s Valentines playlist

♥HAPPPPY VALENTINES DAY ♥ I Love LOVE , i love the idea of love and most importantly i love spreading love ^_^ .  I just wanted to wish you all an amazing day . Be sure to let all the people in your life know , how truly special they are . Some of us are... Continue Reading →

Naija Blues…. Mi Abaga ft Moti cakes – “Bad Belle” Video

  Oh Lagos , how i miss thee *sobs* .  I recently visited Nigeria after a long three years ... albeit brief my trip was an absolute blast . The best part was catching up on all the music i have missed out due to my multiple hiatuses . Yes , i promise this will... Continue Reading →

Update / Thank You

  Long time , no blog .. I know right ... Apologies for my mini blogging hiatus.  I needed a break every corner of my life seemed to be going in the wrong direction , including this blog . I started this blog , in order to make a difference in the Nigerian Entertainment industry... Continue Reading →

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