Shout out to all the good men : Ruby Gyang – Good man


” Shout out to my baby .. I got a good man”

In a generation where men bashing is the norm , it is nice to finally hear a song praising the good men out there. Believe me the “good man” does still exist , you just have to give him a shot .

I wanted to do a song that celebrates the men in my life. Those who have helped and are helping me become the woman I dream of. This song is for them” – Ruby Gyang.

Ruby’s vocals are absolutely amazing on this track , and you just want to call up your boo and give him a shout out !! This track is definitely making the Naija Love Songs next year . Good Man was written and produced by the chairman; Mr MI Abaga .

I hope Ruby releases an album soon.

Take a listen below or you can download the track here 





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