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i'm back

Long time , no blog .. I know right … Apologies for my mini blogging hiatus.  I needed a break every corner of my life seemed to be going in the wrong direction , including this blog . I started this blog , in order to make a difference in the Nigerian Entertainment industry , however post after post i found myself slowly turning in to just another regular music blog . I guess with all the mishaps going on around me , i found myself to scared to be different and it was easier to just keep up with the regular ” new song / music video posts ”

They say ” If your dreams don’t scare you, then  they are not big enough ” .. My dreams scare me alot and what do i do when i am scared .. i run , i run for away . Which is what i have been doing during my absence . However , today i stopped and decided i don’t want to run anymore. I am going to stand and fight , fight for what i believe , fight for what is mine , fight for MY DREAMS !

From now on , i will be focusing more on the things that align with my dream . Yes , i will continue to update you guys on the latest songs/ videos and events lol don’t worry 😛

A few weeks a go From Naija To LA turned 1 😀 ,  the blog has come along way lol like i actually have followers and people that check the site daily ( i am still getting used to this) . I just wanted to say thank you to all the readers and most importantly to those who support and motivate me . Pearl, Ms Dove, Juliet ,Doyin, Ade, Sanmi, Adedeji, Lauretta .. you are highly appreciated . Thanks for believing in me , especially in the times when i found it hard to believe in myself.

Here’s a toast to the future.

MI ft Praiz – Epic ( My new daily motivation ) “I GUESS IT’S TIME TO BE ME , EPIC .. I AM EPIC YO “


Ms Ninz



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