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Shuga : Season 4


MTV’s Shuga season 4 is nearly here and i can not wait !!! MTV have decided to tease us with a sneak peek and my o my does this season look intense . Happy Sophie isn’t dead , she is one of my fav characters and i spot Mister Incredible in the trailer too.. The season start date is still unknown, but hopefully they do not keep us waiting too long .

Peep the youtube clip below :




Movies : Half Of A Yellow Sun UK release date


Finally there is a UK release date for the movie adaptation of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie ‘s book “ Half Of A Yellow Sun ” .

The book narrates the two story of two sisters Olanna and Kainene during the Nigerian civil war. The film stars Chiwetel Ejifor , Thandie Newton , Onyeka Onwenu and Genevieve Nnaji.

Half Of A Yellow Sun is one of my favourite books , not only did it educate me on the history and sufferings of the Biafra War but also because I developed a love for the characters . I felt like I knew each character personally and was with them during the war. My favourite character Ugwu the house boy , his insult of ‘ May you suffer from acute diarrhoea ‘ , still cracks me up till this day.

I can not wait to this see this movie and i hope it is just as good as the book.

The movie is set for release in the UK tomorrow : Friday 11th April 2014 .

You can see some pictures from the London Premiere here

Check out the trailer below :





Shuga season 3 : Finale


Season 3 of Shuga has come to an end and I am sad that it has ended so quickly, just when it was getting juicy. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but wow, what a sad ending 😦 I actually teared up a bit *wipes tear*

Everything you do in life has consequences and sometimes the people we care about the most, are unfortunately the ones who reap the bad seeds. This life sha ….

Well done to all the cast members !!I hope the show has made individuals think more carefully about the decisions they make in life.

Peep the finale below and lets discuss:

Hopefully we do not have to wait too long for season 4

*side note* I still cannot decide if I prefer Shuga Naija or the Kenyan version. I think if a few of the actors (cough, cough Leo) had more of a role in this season , the Naija version would win easy .



Chiwetel Ejiofor Nominated for an Oscar !!


Naija to LA is happening!! Chiwetel Ejiofor has received a ‘Best Actor ‘ Oscar nomination for his role in ’12 years a slave ‘.

I am so excited and I prays he wins not just for Nigeria but for all the hard work he has put in to crafting his skill over the years.

In the emotional clip below his sister; Zain Asher talks about their Nigerian background, the passing of their father and the dedication her brother put in to acting over the years. Persistence and hard work can really get you far in life. You can’t help but tear up when you watch the video, she is beyond proud of her brother . There is nothing like family love!!

From quoting Othello in his room to being nominated for an Oscar, Naija to LA dream for true oooo !!. What a fantastic achievement. Don’t give up on your dreams people, you can acheive anything you set your mind to !

Naija To LA wishes him all the best at the awards!!


Shuga – Season 3

Twitter is not only a great source for discovering new music; it is also fab for discovering new TV shows. I have started some of my favourite shows based on the reviews on my TL. I was casually going through my TL one day last year when a few of the people I follow were discussing an episode of Shuga.  Always on the lookout for something interesting to watch, I decided to give it ago and I have been hooked ever since.

Shuga is a drama series produced by MTV Base Africa in association with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation to help curb the spread of HIV / AIDS in Africa and also promote awareness of the virus and the methods it can be contracted.   The series follows the lives of a group of friends and narrates their stories of love, betrayal, abuse and friendships.

The first two seasons were based in Kenya; however the third season is based Lagos and features popular entertainment stars Tiwa Savage, Chris Attoh and Ice Prince.

I admire how the show tackles delicate issues that are rife in Africa but are rarely discussed and are just swept under the carpet. The first two seasons dealt with; HIV testing, rape, transactional sex and homosexuality. The current season also deals with the issue of domestic violence.

Discussing HIV/ Aids is still taboo amongst Africans and it’s like people refuse to believe exists. I admire how Shuga sheds some light on the testing process and also living with the virus. In one scene, a female is at the clinic about to be tested. The nurse asks her how many sexual partners she has had. After struggling to count for a few moments, the female replies ‘This year’? It was funny but sad to see at the same time.  I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but I need to know if people really play Russian roulette with their lives like this? I really hope that viewers are learning some lessons from the show.

You guys should definitely check the show out asap!! I need to discuss the series with someone!!

Catch the latest episode below:

You can catch up on season one here

Season 2 here

Season 3 can be watched on YouTube or Iroko TV