Shuga season 3 : Finale


Season 3 of Shuga has come to an end and I am sad that it has ended so quickly, just when it was getting juicy. I don’t want to give away any spoilers but wow, what a sad ending 😦 I actually teared up a bit *wipes tear*

Everything you do in life has consequences and sometimes the people we care about the most, are unfortunately the ones who reap the bad seeds. This life sha ….

Well done to all the cast members !!I hope the show has made individuals think more carefully about the decisions they make in life.

Peep the finale below and lets discuss:

Hopefully we do not have to wait too long for season 4

*side note* I still cannot decide if I prefer Shuga Naija or the Kenyan version. I think if a few of the actors (cough, cough Leo) had more of a role in this season , the Naija version would win easy .




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