Shuga – Season 3

Twitter is not only a great source for discovering new music; it is also fab for discovering new TV shows. I have started some of my favourite shows based on the reviews on my TL. I was casually going through my TL one day last year when a few of the people I follow were discussing an episode of Shuga.  Always on the lookout for something interesting to watch, I decided to give it ago and I have been hooked ever since.

Shuga is a drama series produced by MTV Base Africa in association with the MTV Staying Alive Foundation to help curb the spread of HIV / AIDS in Africa and also promote awareness of the virus and the methods it can be contracted.   The series follows the lives of a group of friends and narrates their stories of love, betrayal, abuse and friendships.

The first two seasons were based in Kenya; however the third season is based Lagos and features popular entertainment stars Tiwa Savage, Chris Attoh and Ice Prince.

I admire how the show tackles delicate issues that are rife in Africa but are rarely discussed and are just swept under the carpet. The first two seasons dealt with; HIV testing, rape, transactional sex and homosexuality. The current season also deals with the issue of domestic violence.

Discussing HIV/ Aids is still taboo amongst Africans and it’s like people refuse to believe exists. I admire how Shuga sheds some light on the testing process and also living with the virus. In one scene, a female is at the clinic about to be tested. The nurse asks her how many sexual partners she has had. After struggling to count for a few moments, the female replies ‘This year’? It was funny but sad to see at the same time.  I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but I need to know if people really play Russian roulette with their lives like this? I really hope that viewers are learning some lessons from the show.

You guys should definitely check the show out asap!! I need to discuss the series with someone!!

Catch the latest episode below:

You can catch up on season one here

Season 2 here

Season 3 can be watched on YouTube or Iroko TV





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