Let’s get personal : Imperfect Me, Imperfect You , Imperfect US ….


‘ How i know God loves me (I’m working on me) , Loves the Good ,The Bad & Ugly …. Imperfect Me’

Have you ever listened to a song and it just speaks to your current situation . You may have listened to the song a 100 times before,  but there comes that one specific occasion it becomes so relevant to you. Today on my shuffle M.I’s ‘ Imperfect me ‘ came on . Suddenly something in my mind clicked , i had suddenly found an answer for my ever changing moods and current lack of zeal. I had allowed my current situations to overcome me and take me to a place i am not really proud of . I had allowed a few set backs to make me give up hope and fall to a place of darkness.

Being a perfectionist can be a positive and a negative trait . It becomes a negative when you are so focused on perfectionism that you become stagnant and end up not getting anything done at all  . In turn you end up beating yourself more and wondering why you cant be like lagbaja ( so and so) as they can obviously get it done and get it done easily. You also start to blame yourself for things that have occurred ( despite the fact you have no control over it at all)

The truth is we all have our own struggles, we all have our own fears and insecurities . Our past has shaped us in someway and form but instead of putting them down we should acknowledge and accept them. Truth be told that thing you hate about yourself ,someone is out there praying for it . We also all go through ups and downs.. it is not just you  ! And nothing is for ever .. There will be better days !!

Don’t beat yourself up over past mistakes, don’t think this is the end . Don’t think things can not or wont get better . Don’t think your dreams can not come true . Don’t think you can’t have what you want.

I was sent a poem that contained the following quote :

Embrace your insecurities and feed off the fears that drive you .. A.A

That is exactly what we all need to do . Stop worrying and just do … go for it !! What’s the worst that can happen ?

I am not perfect , but who is..


Imperfect Ninz



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