Thank you Mr DJ – DJ Dee Money hot new mixtape DL Link


“Hey DJ , keep playing that song all night ,on and on, and on “sings and snaps fingers

Who remembers sitting by their stereo,  finger hovering over that red button so you can quickly hit record whenever your favourite song came on the radio . Then get angry whenever the DJ would talk all over the track …. Ooo the good ole’ days

Before the Internet and social media boom . The main way to hear the latest songs was to hustle that new rave CD off your friends , request it from your favourite DJ via your local radio station request line or wait to you hit that party on Friday night . Now you can literally go on Twitter and find a download link to any song you want .

Does this mean there is no longer a need for The DJ?? NEVER…  The DJ will always be an important factor in the music industry.  The power of the DJ is often underestimated. A talented DJ can literally make or break your music career . They have the ability to turn your event from a waste of time to,  the ‘  greatest night out ever ” . This is why securing a top notch DJ is key in event planning and isn’t something you should be economical with.

The aim of this post is not just to highlight the importance of the DJ but also to say thank you to all DJ’s around the world . Your work does not go unnoticed .

Thank you for giving new artists a platform to share their music. Thank you for bringing parties/ weddings/ concerts to life .  Thank you for the endless summer memories . Thank you for helping get me through my gym workouts . Thank you for getting me through some breakups lool . Most importantly thank you for introducing me to some wonderful artists .

My favourite DJ ,  DJ Dee Money is the reason why I am so in love with Afrobeats . His DJ Dee Money presents : Freestyle Naija Mix was the first Naija mixtape I over owned and i played it over and over for months . This mixtape introduced me to my loves M.I and Jesse Jagz . It is also where i first heard Wizkid’ s “Holla At Your Boy” . I also used to stay up till 3am every Wednesday listening to Gbedu hour so i can catch the freshest jams .. Oo the days of enjoyment . Dee Money knows all the latest hits to play to get you moving ,his perfect blending of tracks can scatter your mind . He knows when a song is going to be a hit even when others have doubts . He has the ability to make you like that song you once hated .  This is why i have to say a special Thank you to the baddest DJ Ever Liveth;  DJ Dee Money 🙂

If you are looking for a hot new mixtape with all the latest jams . Then look no further than DJ Dee Money’s latest mixtape : DJ Dee Money Presents 2013 Naija Hits Volume 1&2 . This mix has hours and hours of non stop hits , I guarantee you will not be disappointed . The mixtape is available to download here

You can download the mixtape responsible for my love affair with afrobeats here 

Peep DJ Dee Money in action below and you can follow him on Twitter  :

(P.s if you need a good DJ for your event make sure you book DJ Dee Money !!)

Enjoy ,




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