Meet Mr Repete – New music from Blackmagic ft Banky W


I don’t know what it is about Ejay Blackmagic but, I am very intrigued by the guy . His voice is unique and I admire the way he can turn playful comments in to hit tunes. He also seems to have a very good sense of humour.

Blackmagic is popularly known for his hit single ‘Repete’ , this song was on replay for the longest time, the combination of the lyrics and sax piece had listeners easily swayed.  Most people are not aware he has an album out  which includes his singles Tomorrow , Rainbow and Confam ft Sasha P .I am still trying to hustle somebody to send me his album ‘Blackmagic version 1.0 ‘ from Nigeria. If you see this , help a sister out ehnnn  *_* .  

For his latest single ‘Body’, Blackmagic teams up with Banky W to deliver this cheeky yet sultry song about the things he wants to do a lady he has been admiring.

You can catch the video below:

Also check out his song ‘Africa’ , this song actually cracks me up .

 Blackmagic is currently working ion his album ‘Version 2.0’ and im eager to see what he ahs in store for his fans . For more information on Blackmagic you can follow him on twitter @ejayblackmagic or check out his YouTube page here
Ninz is definitely #TeamBlackMagic ^_^


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