Music Monday

I thought I would share some of the tunes that have been getting heavy rotation on my iTunes, this last week.

If you are looking to update your music player, I suggest you start with these songs first. Thank me later ^_^

Wande Coal ft Burna Boy – Amorawa . I love the way Wande and Burna’s voice mixes on this track. Burna Boy can sing ‘ABC’ and I will be in love.  I need to find a way to get a role in this video

Fuse ODG ft Wande Coal – Come Closer . ‘Baby , come closer . Why you by the wall like a poster ‘ I don’t know if it’s Wande’s voice or the catchy hook that has me humming it to myself  throughout the day.

Sean Tizzle – Kilogbe . Sean Tizzle is consistently putting out hit after hit . He is yet to disappoint me , I am expecting big things from him in 2014.

Banky W – Jasi .  There are certain songs , that can make a well trained,  young lady dance like she has no morals or home training.   ‘Jasi’ is one of those songs, father forgive me for my booty shaking . Banky definitely has a club hit on his hands here ‘ Mo no ki Jasi ‘ /\–O .

Jesse Jagz & Khali Abdu & POE – Don’t Gimmie Shit. The beat , the lyrics , the cockiness .. Who says Nigerians cant do Hip Hop ?? .  Jesse slays on this track, he is a very underrated rapper and Kid Konnect is a producer to watch out for.


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