Album Review : Jagz Nation: Volume 1

Thy Nation came and conquered!!

Jagz Nation : volume 1. Is the highly awaited sophomore album from rapper / producer extraordinaire Jesse Garba Abaga aka as Jesse Jagz . This album was way overdue to be honest, his debut album ‘Jagz Of All Trades’ which dropped nearly 3 years ago was one of the first Nigerian albums I ever purchased . I have been eagerly anticipating the follow up and Jesse Jagz did not disappoint at all.

When the news broke of Jesse’s departure from his label Chocolate City I was literally like ‘ NOOOOOOOOO’

photo (2)

The ex choc boy (it still hurts me a little to say this) , has blessed the Nigerian music scene with hits such as Oleku, Wetin Dey, Magician, Jargo, Nobody Test me and Good Morning . Despite all his major production credits and feat, Jesse is still arguably one of the most underrated artists in Nigeria.

Now after listening to this album, I have come to the conclusion that leaving Chocolate City may have been a very smart move . Prior to the official release, the album was subjected to many delays. There were also mixtapes, a Jagz Of All Trades remix album and music videos that never saw the light of day . All Thy Nation members were beginning to get frustrated. Since his departure you can tell Jesse is allowing his creativity to flow and it is manifesting himself in great music.

The album features Lindsey , Brymo , 9ice and backing vocals from choc city’s Victoria Kimani . The album also features the winning formula of Wizkid and Jesse Jagz . If you have never heard intoxicated , I feel sorry for you !

If you are expecting an album filled with club tracks I am afraid you will be disappointed. Instead you have a more reggae infused album of Jesse showcasing his rap and solid production skills. The new *cough* influence is also very clear throughout this album and it is infectious. Jagz Nation is an album that makes you want to have a chilled evening with your friends reflecting on life whilst you light up and enjoy a good drink or two.

Stand out tracks: Bad Girl, Burning bush (I play this song at least 5 times a day) , Sex and scotch , Redemption, Selassie

Skippable tracks : God On The Mic, Pedal To The Floor

Verdict : 7.5/8 out of 10

The album is available to purchase here

If you are still unsure about the album, i will post a few songs for you below to enjoy

Jesse Jagz – Redemption

Jesse Jagz – Sex & Scotch

Jesse Jagz – Mamacita

Jesse Jagz – Desire

Jagz Nation !! Ninz ^_^


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