Cokobar Music Festival Review

October 7th 2013 Olamide released his third studio album ‘Baddest Guy Ever Liveth’ and in celebration I thought it was time I reviewed his latest London show appearance. Olamide aka Baddo has steadily become one of my favourite artists over the last year. His flow, delivery, the way he raps in Yoruba ^_^.. I just love him !! He also comes across as extremely and humble and a great deal of fun.

I often use twitter to keep up to date with upcoming show dates. Whilst doing my usual twitter rants about Olamide not holding a show in London, I received a tweet response from Olamide himself and Cokobar saying that he would be performing in London on October 6th 2013 at The Cokobar Music Festival.. I was literally on the floor like:

The cokobar music festival was hosted by Eddia Kadi and headlined by Flavour , Olamide and Sean Tizzle with special guest Lola Rae . In all honesty I was really there for Olamide hence the reason why I called it the Olamide concert.

Concert day finally arrived and my close friend and I made our way down to the indigo2 ready to shake our legs. You know you are in love with an artist, when you go to a standing concert straight after working a 7 hour shift. The good and bad thing about Nigerian concerts s that due to the fact we are late for everything and I literally mean everything!! I was able to get to the front of the any venue without any trouble at all.

Eddie Kadi was a great host as usual; he kept the crowd laughing as we patiently waited for the acts to come on. The DJ’s were also top notch and ensured every single attendee was dancing.

Lola Rae was the main opening act and proved to the crowd why she is the next best thing . Lola and her dancers put on a great performance and she also surprised us by bringing out Awil Langomba. If you went to African parties when you were younger ‘Coupe Bibamba ‘ was the song that gave all the kids the opportunity to show off their dance skills. When they performed the remix, it took me right back to my childhood .

Up next was the new comer Mr Sho Le ( Sean Tizzle ) . He performed his latest single Mama eh , boogie down and started off his hit Sho lee with an acopella version when the beat dropped the whole crowd went wild !! A very energetic performance.

Another surprise guest was Solidstar , the Delta state native came and made us all Skibo.

Then finally the great moment arrived: Olamide graced the stage. I actually fell in love !! He performed all his major hits Jale, Voice Of the streets , Omo tho shon , Ghost mode , stipid love and of course Durosoke.

Last but not least was Mr Flavour , honestly I only know the comerc ial Flavour tunes so wastn expecting much, He blew me away , his energy , gis voice , his dancing and he is a beautiful man. After Awilo and Solidstar i didn’t think we would have any more surprises, but no Cokobar wanted to show everyone why they hold the best concerts. Mr Kukure surprised all the attendees by coming out and closing the show with his hit Jambolo.

Although, I came to see Olamide and would have been content with just his performance. This concert far exceeded my expectations and may be one of the best Nigerian concerts this year, I laughed , I danced and I cried . All the acts did well and all the surprise guests just sealed the deal. What more can you want from a great night out . It was so great that I missed my last train home and was stranded in stratford at 1am but I didn’t care, I was just on a musical high.

Cokobar definitely know how to hold a concert and know the right acts to get the crowd pumping . Now all I ask for is Burna Boy concert, this is way overdue now .

Here are some pics from the night for you to enjoy (please forgive the picture quality, i had to use my iphone and i got carried away dancing )

Signed ,
Ninz aka Badolina ^_^












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