I have a dream ……

I have a dream …..

Over the last few years I have become extremely passionate about the Nigerian entertainment scene. The music, movies, blogs and the management of the industry, I am intrigued by it all.

Instead of tormenting my poor twitter followers with all my Nigerian music links and rants. I have decided to document them on this blog.

There is so much raw hidden talent in Nigeria and often the lack of professionalism and opportunities available frustrates me.

I become a proud ‘big mummy ‘every time I hear a ‘Grass to Grace story ‘ or see  the work of Nigerians being recognised  and rewarded by the Western World My dream is to have Nigerian talent recognised at major international awards ceremonies. The ultimate dream is to see one of my people win it big in L.A . I.e.  win a Grammy or an Oscar. Yes I want to see people in Tuxedos and Ball gowns “komale” and doing “spray me the money ”

Farfetched? No, not at all.  Are we not as talented? Or possibly, even better than our international counterparts? I believe this could easily be done, if certain changes were made in our industry. We also need to change our mentality.

Over the last few years Nigerian music has broken Barriers that no one had ever imagined. We have won MTV European Music, MOBO, and BET awards.  Now it is time to aim even higher.  This year Ice Prince went on stage to collect his BET ‘Best African Act ‘award, next year can we get a live performance? Can we get streamed on the US version of the show and not just on the international airing? Can the African Cyphers get US Airtime?

Although this blog will be entertainment focused, I will also be posting all things that work towards the empowerment and betterment of Nigeria as a whole. So please if you have any initiatives that you would like to promote, feel free to drop me an email.

Together we really can make Nigeria great,

My thoughts and ideas may not make a great difference; however I would rather try and fail, then not try at all.

Abi , It is better than just saying ‘ Na wa ooo, God will help that country sha’




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