The Power of the Music Video

The power of the ‘Music Video’

The beat to your favourite song starts to play, you close your eyes and start imagining that award winning music video (usually starring yourself) ,you would direct to make this song even better than it already is . I am pretty sure we are all guilty of this. *sidebar* Can I just state that Hype Williams ain’t got nothing on me when it comes to music videos.

This director fantasy can often lead us to disappointment if the official video doesn’t live up to our expectations. Worst case scenario the poor visuals can often ruin the song to the point you never want to play it again.

The last couple days my twitter timeline has been ablaze with the “Skelewu” video debate. Skelewu is an infectious dance song from the hit maker Davido . Earlier in the week a leaked music video hit the internet, a lot of fans were very upset and felt the video did not match the hype of the song. Davido not being one to disappoint his fans quickly, shot and released a brand new video in 4 days ( I must say I have to admire this ) .

However some fans were still disappointed. I guess when you have a song that big it can be hard to make a video that will please everyone.

The debate soon became #TeamSesan vs #TeamMoeMusa and those who preferred neither video.

Official Skelewu video

I am personally a huge fan of all of Davido’s music videos; they are usually crisp and look like he had a whole lot of fun shooting them.

The whole debate had me thinking ; “does every song really need a music video “?

With the power of social media, a song can easily blow without the need of a music video. I have learnt of songs from Twitter and blogs alone. Let’s not forget the power of the DJ. The Nigerian DJ’s have really helped to push Nigerian music all over the globe.

A number of songs have entered the official music charts without a video , so why force one .

The flipside is that a great video has actually made me become obsessed with a song before. Prime example all Rihanna songs.

Jesse Jagz once said he never did a video for Wetin Dey as he didn’t think there could be a video that could do the song justice. In the beginning I felt this was a big mistake, but was it? Or was it actually a very smart move? Wetin Dey is still arguably one of his biggest tracks and can still set the dance floor off at any time.


What do you guys think?



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