New video : Tope Odu ft Ayoola – Stay in love

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‘ I ‘ll be loving you forever , nobody put us asunder.. you no say I love you & I no dey lie’

I love music , I love how it makes you feel, I love how a song can attach beautiful memories , I love how a song can express the feelings you have struggled to articulate for months.

I appreciate when my friends send my playlists of songs they believe I would enjoy. It was on one such playlist that I was blessed with this beauty of a song … (Thank you !). It is one of my favourite songs ever and is in my top 25 most played in iTunes and finally we have a video !!!

The song is a beautiful wedding song and just speaks on that wonderful feeling of love. Ayoola’s verse is my favourite part of the song .

I admire the simplicity of the video .. I think any other concept would have taken away from the beauty of the song  .

Check out the video below :





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