Jesse Jagz : Road To The ‘Greatest’ Concert documentary



In preparation for his upcoming The Greatest Concert , Jesse Jagz has filmed a documentary in which he briefly talks about life after Chocolate City , The Jagz Experience show and what fans can expect from The Greatest concert.

The concert is scheduled to be held on the 2nd August 2014 at the Mission Center , Lagos. There are only 200 tickets available , so if you are in Lagos i suggest you get your ticket quickly !!

Jesse needs to bring the Jagz Experience to the UK , he hasn’t held a show in the UK since 2011. It has been way too long !!

For more updates on the concert and music from Jesse you can follow him on twitter here

Road to the Jesse Jagz Experience 2014

If you have never seen Jesse perform , you can see a clip from last years concert below :

2011 London performance




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