2013 Wrap up – Ninz’s top albums of 2013


My final 2013 wrap up is going to be my top albums of 2013.

I actually didn’t know how to approach this list . Would I do a top 5 , would I base it on the number of plays or popularity in the streets ? I thought I could do it by genre but a few of the albums had multiple genres so it proved to be difficult .

In the end I just decided to compose a list in based on my views on production , lyrical content , the amount of times I have hit replay and whether I will still be playing the album in a couple years .

So here you are (in no particular order) my top albums of 2013:

Jesse Jagz – Jagz Nation – Vol 1 Thy Nation Come
Release date : July 2013

jesse jagz

This album has received mixed reviews some feel it is an amazing piece of work , while some on the other hand feel it’s trash . I personally love this album . Jesse jagz really shows his musical growth on the album . You can also see that Jesse makes music not for the money but because it’s his passion . He genuinely loves music and it is highlighted throughout this EP . Jesse is intelligent and Releases his thoughts prophetically over cool beats . This is one of the albums I struggled to class under one genre . I asked my twitter followers what genre they would class the album under and one of my followers responded with :

That joint got like 5 genres perfectly fused together lol

I couldn’t have said it better myself .

My highest played track is a track entitled Burning Bush which is in memory of his late Friend Hadiza . I can’t explain why I love this song soo much . I just find it peaceful and I just sit back , have a glass an think about my life . It may be the lyrics :

Early in the morning , when i’m feeling lonely . Please mama say a prayer for me , keep my enemies away from me .. away from me

If you haven’t heard Jagz Nation , you can check out my review here . I think you should all give the album at least one listen.

You can listen to Burning Bush here

Brymo – Merchants, dealers and slaves
Release date : October 2013


I fell in love with Brymo after I first heard him on Jesse Jagz’s L-O-V-E you track. I fell in loove with his rugged voice instantly and have been a fan ever since . He quickly rose to popularity after he featured on Ice Prince’s Oleku . He later released his album Son Of A Kapenta in November 2012 . The album was amazing but didn’t do to well due to lack of promotion from his label.

Shortly after Jesses exit from Choc City , Brymo also decide to leave the label and become an independent artist . His first release as an independent artist is this beautiful piece of work entitled : Merchants , Dealers and Slaves .

From the vibrant track ‘Eko’ to the thought provoking track “Down ” this album illustrates just how much talent the Kapenta’s son has. This is an album you play when you want to chill out . Brymo sings about beautifully about love , the Lagos hustle and life .

This is a very solid effort for an independent album .If you are unaware about the legal drama you would assume this album was released under his previous label.

With the right marketing strategy , Brymo could become an international hit . I just hope this album doesn’t get overshadowed by all the legal battles with chocolate City . Brymo deserves a break !

My favourite tracks are Cheap Wine and Eko

Olamide – Baddest Guy Ever Liveth
Release date: November 2013


Olamide proves he really is the voice of the streets by putting out two hot albums in one year ! I was still taking in the greatness of the album YBNL when he blessed us with an even better album.

This album is the perfect blend of street rap and dance tracks . If you want to party you can play ” Tun UP ” or “Position yourself ” , you want to hear about the Lagos Hustle you can play ” Anifowose” which features the great KWAM1, you want a love track you can play ” Baddo Love ” or Gbadun arawa .

Olamide fused all these tracks perfectly to create a great album that can be played from beginning to end . We have also got to thank Olamide for all the new phrases ” Smellos ” , “Skammer” , “Froshhhhhhh” and my daily greeting ” hello awayu 😉 ”

My favourite tracks are ; Position yourself , Anifowose , Yemi My Lover .. who am i kidding i love every single track . YBNL Nation !!!

The song that started my love affair with Olamide :

My final top album goes to :

Burna Boy – L.I.F.E (Leaving an Impact For Eternity)
Release date : August 2013

burna boy

I have not anticipated a debut album like this since Wizkid dropped ‘Superstar’ back in 2011 .

This literally has to be the best debuts in a long time . Literally you are hooked from the intro , which I must say is the best intro I have heard in a long time . Burna Boy also managed to pull out some big names for his debut album , not many people can achieve this . The debut album features : 2face , M.I , Wizkid , Olamide and Timaya and those are just a few of the features .

Burna also perfectly mixed , street tracks with party , love and conscious songs . The album has jazz , reggae and an afrobeat feel to it. Burna Boy’s manager , who if you didnt know was Fela’s manager speaks about Burna’s music on the intro : ‘

His music is unique even though it is Hip Hop origin. See The good thing about his music is that he has lenience to Jazz and other roots

I think this is what makes Burna Boy so great , his music is unique and a breath of fresh air to the usual sounds we are all accustomed to .

This album is a serious banger and stays on constant replay. I can not wait till he does a world tour .

Even the album artwork is dope , look closely and see if you can spot the musicians hidden in the back ground.

My favourite tracks = every single track . Please dont continue to dull yourself and make sure you get this album asap . You can purchase the album here

There you have it folks , the albums that have made me dance , laugh , sulk and make me want to become a political activist .

Let me know if you agree. Or let me know your top albums of 2013 .


Love Ninz^_^


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